Mark Levy Sculpture
About the Artist

Mark Levy
Master Glass Sculptor
photo shot at:
RAS Galleries, Yountville, CA


Mark Levy believes that glass is a magical and mysterious material. A master glass artist, Levy, who learned his craft at a glass sculpture studio in Oakland California, has a passion for thick, fused cast glass that include rich overlapping layers of bottomless colors and textures that dance and twirl, suspended with delight in his sculptures. Each original work seems to move and change as light reflects upon the composition, until one is immersed and mesmerized by the complexity of the design. Levy's judicious use of dichroic glass stringers, heated into shapes that are inspired by stellar nebulae or creatures of the sea, creates a sparkle that defies the laws of gravity and time.

With a diverse background in art from stone cutting at age thirteen, and etching, printmaking and ceramics while in college, then photography and Cleo-award winning television commercials, Mark Levy left the corporate world to follow a stronger voice. He moved to Northern California and his experiences in the exploration of the sea, as well as his long held interest with astronomy and the universe, led him to discover the center of his world, turning his complete attention and love toward thick fused cast glass. After fifty years in art, utilizing every type of material, from metal to wood, from clay to stone, Levy finally had the material to tell his story and show his visions. The process is meticulous yet gratifying for Levy.


The work I do is like painting or sculpture in three dimensions all at the same time, only I'm working with liquid color, said Levy. The effects are dramatically different and although I enjoy working small, I'm heading in new directions of size and scale. All my sculptures are one a kind as are the bases that I personally design. As one can see Levys's sculptures are quite complex with many hand made glass inclusions and bits of dichroic fused inside. Some of the material contained above was taken from an article by Diana Greenwood in Wine Country This Week's Published July 16, 2010.



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